Saying and Doing


Saying and Doing

It’s Feburary and post-Januray sales-everyone is working  that includes me and i’m working late EVERYDAY.

Post-work meals are the best because you’re reinvigorated after the draining work day.

Cue my late night arrangement to pick up my brother up from the train station. I’d wasted  an hour that i could have used to go home and have a proper meal in favour of flicking through the latest  helping of Empire magazine ‘because movie geeks dont feel the need to feed’ i told myself. I was wrong.

I asked my sister if she had any food on her. Yes! She did! She had a Burger King voucher! I was gonna get a great big burger and fries!
10 minutes of eternity eventually passed and im practically drooling my sentences as i make my order.

The lady looks at me, looks at the voucher and says
“we dont accept those here- this is a franchise”
I duly passed out. No i didnt but i was outraged.
Saying you’re going to do something and then not do it is cheating a person; it’s a lie.

Leagal tender is true to its word because if it says ten pounds you can spend ten pounds. Not 1 pound or worse still none pounds!

Many of us would make poor currency, the paper our words are written  worthless!

You are only as good as your word. Your word is your oath, your promise, your commitment.

Can you sit back and imagine momentarily what it would be like if God’s words were like our words…

What’s doubly important is that God’s words are pregnant with pleasant purpose. Ours? Selfish at best, catastrophically horrific at worst.

We should do our very best to fufil the things we set out to do if they are worthy and good. Hinderances will arise but we must strive to overcome them keeping what we said we would do in sight until we’ve fufilled our vow.

In the grand scheme of things God shows us the importance of fufilling vows by sending us His son Jesus by giving us Himself when we needed His help most.

[Scriptures that will be added to this blog]

*Proverbs: dont put what you can do today tomorrow.
*Be doers of the word
*Jeptha’ vow
*word returning void
*Hannah praying for Samuel
*Issac:God fufils a promise


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