Something To Prove


Matthew 12 v 38 tells the story of how the pharisees asked Jesus for a sign.

When i was child reading this i figured they were just asking because they wanted proof beyond a shadow of a doubt and that this was done innocently.

As a teenager i reasserted that position. My position was that they were asking because they needed clarification, they had a bad history of following false gods and false prophets that made them stray from God almighty, it made logical sense they would ask for a show of force so powerful and distinguishable that there would be no doubts left in their mind. Misguided as a request? Yes. Was the question of who Jesus was a valid one? Yes.

As a young man i’ve reasserted my position yet again. The pharisees knew that it was written in the word that they should not put God to the test. The children of Israel had their fair share of unecessary and childish “prove yourself God!” moments and this was all after he had saved them from slavery in Egypt in nothing short of spectacular fashion

Post-Exodus God is proving himself again and again and again as Israel are locked in a destructive cycle of repeat offences which lead to them being carted off to a foreign land or ruled over by foreign leaders who are tyrants before God raises up a liberater to free them. Read Judges.

And when the age of Judges gives way to the age of Kings it’s apparent that the children need long lasting assitance as even tje good kings they have die and their bad kings lead them astray.

God always intended to give them a messiah, allegories, similies and metaphors throught the old testament depict the image and characteristics of christ. Isaiah even goes some way to describe what he looks like.

The children of Israel knew their messiah would come, a warrior king, a champion like king David. They just didnt expect him to look or sound anything like Jesus.

Jesus truly answered their question albiet cryptically. The miracle of Jonah is Jesus by the power of God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob being raised to life after three days.

The ignorance of the jews at the time allowed God’s love to spread across the world drawing all mankind into the arms of God through His sacrifice in Jesus. So what’s my position now?

Jesus has proved that all have fallen short of the glory of God, He has proven we all need Him and He has proven that through Him we can do all things and nothing is impossible with Him. My position is a grateful servant who strives to love much because he was forgiven of much. If i have anything to prove its that God lives in me through Jesus christ and His holy spirit.

*Pauls great comment about boasting
*Isaiahs commentry about christ
*Passover metaphors of christ
*King David talking about Jesus


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